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Documentation for Vczh Library++ 3.0

The document of Vczh Library++ 3.0 is contains in the source code. If you want to read the document of this project, please go to "Source Code" page and download the latest version of the source code and documentation. You will find the document in "Documentation\Chinese" and "Documentation\English". All document files are in HTML format.
CURRENTLY the documentation is under construction

Vczh Library++3.0文档

本工程的文档以HTML形式包含在源文件里。下载最新版的源代码和文档,然后可以在文件夹 "Documentation\Chinese" 和 "Documentation\English" 下找到文档。


A general purpose script engine platform for hosting scripting languages of multiple levels, with a set of predefined script languages and a library for building new script languages. Also, linq on C++ and a high level string processing library(including regex) are provided.

Solution Structure

We have several solutions in the project
  • <Documentation>
    • <Chinese> Here are documents in Chinese.
    • <English> Here are documents in English.
    • Documentation.sln This is the documentation solution which is only used to track the files conveniently in Visual Studio.
  • <Library> The target library
  • <Tools>
    • <DeveloperFramework>
      • DeveloperFramework.sln IDE framework for the planning script language. It is under development.
    • <FpMacro>
      • FpMacro.sln The functional macro that is used to generate complex code files(which are very difficult to generate directly in C macro) for Vczh Library++ 3.0. A release build is placed at <Tools>\FpMacro.exe.
    • <StrGen>
      • StrGen.sln StrGen is used to generate string resources that described by C++ static classes. A release build is placed at <Tools>\StrGen.exe.
    • <Release>
      • <vlpp> Release binary (auto generated)
      • <VleSource> Release binary source code
  • <UnitTest>
    • UnitTest.sln All unit test cases for the project
  • <Candidate> experiment projects

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